Edward Brost
President & CEO 

Edward has over 25 years of experience successfully re-positioning global companies and organizations across North America, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


During that time, he established a vast network of connections with Non-Governmental Organizations. 

Edward has applied his leadership and organizational development skills to organizations in both the private and public sectors to identify and define opportunities for a healthier, more profitable future.


He has an extensive background in leadership, corporate revitalization and global business development. Edward has significant experience managing multiple land development projects globally.

Dawn Skaggs
Director, Whole Community Planning and Training

Dawn is a subject matter expert, coach, and speaker on equity and diversity in the human services industry.


With diverse international experience and from a global view to local actions, Dawn brings over 25 years of expertise to the Trade Venture team in whole community planning, inclusive emergency management planning, response and recovery, and culturally competent universal accessibility.

Dawn is an ambassador and strategist for the empowerment of all people to engage in their own sustainable future. Dawn received a Master of Arts degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Denver.

Jorge Aviles
Senior Advisor, Indigenous Relations

Jorge has been actively involved in indigenous relations and community engagement for more than 20 years. He is an expert in cross-cultural communications strategies.

With a deep understanding and appreciation of socio-economic and sustainable developments, Jorge has successfully led large-scale indigenous community engagement activities and retained key stakeholders.

Jorge holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities (French & Spanish) with Distinction from the University of Calgary. Jorge is fluent in English, Spanish and French.