Everyone deserves a dignified home...

Without respect to lifestyle or socioeconomic bracket the prevalence of disability in North America averages about 24% of any given population.

Individuals living with (or previously living with) substance abuse, homelessness and other experiences increases the toll on the body and mind; increasing the statistical prevalence of a disability. So the given statistic may be significantly higher for this population. That said, many individuals have functional and/or invisible disabilities and may have structured their days in a way that helps them engage in the community without needing to ask for many accommodations; but these may come out 'behind closed doors' in their safe space / their home.

This makes it critical that we approach our tasks and products with the aim of achieving universal design and optimal accessibility. We cannot be all things to all people but we do need to address mobility, medical, behavioural, sensory, cognitive and intellectual, and non-mobility physical disabilities and to strive for flexibility and adaptability.

Physical accessibility is so much more than wheelchair access. Wheelchair users make up less than 10% of the disability population and a very small population of individuals who are homeless due to the cost of a chair. More likely residents will have physical structural disabilities such as the inability to stand up straight or to balance, vertigo, inability to reach high shelves, difficulty raising / lowering their body from a sitting and standing position, use of a walker or cane, diminished strength, diminished vision, confusion, trauma, and mental/behavioural health...

Universal design concepts can be applied and additional personalized considerations make our homes inclusive and accessible for the variety of people who benefit from them.

The vision of the Trade Venture Development Group is for everyone, including individuals with disabilities who currently have no fixed address experience the safety and dignity of that which comes from a home and a community and that brings hope and encouragement.

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